Easily Outraged Society: Pyro Vs Reignbot

In the past week, Pyrocynical (a somewhat popular Youtuber) decided to release a video about an apparent 'hiding in plain site' paedophile ring on YouTube. A sub-reddit (if you want to read the sub-reddit click here) was made on H3H3 urging Ethan to make a video exposing these people and it spread to Pyro's fans, … Continue reading Easily Outraged Society: Pyro Vs Reignbot


The Worst Of YouTube – 2016

First post, and I'm going to try using my big girl words! (seeĀ About LITEĀ to get the reference) Since it's New Years Eve I thought it would be totally appropriate to not only blog, but list some of the worst things that happened on YouTube this year, since it's last day I want to think about … Continue reading The Worst Of YouTube – 2016